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Lighthouse Themed Decor

If you love the romanticism of a lighthouse, you might want to use a lighthouse theme to decorate part of your home. With many lighthouse-themed items available, you can turn a bedroom, den, or bathroom into your own shoreline. Of course, pictures are always handy but you can find even more unique items such as jewelry boxes and miniature models.

Using several different types of lighthouse items, you will create a full experience rather than just a single focal point on a picture. Using a three-dimensional lighthouse plaque can had depth and texture to an otherwise bland wall. Even the coloring of the items can be useful. Instead of choosing the traditional red and white, you choose a color that blends in with colors of your choice.

You can add even more creativity by including items related to lighthouses. If you are decorating a bathroom, the soap dish could be in the shape of a rowboat. Lotion dispensers can also reflect theme as well as toothbrush holders and other items. Instead of a traditional picture, you can mount a piece of stained glass decorated with the lighthouse theme as if it were a picture.

Other rooms can also incorporate the theme. The bedroom can make use of bedding with the lighthouse and shoreline theme. A beautiful clock with a picture or a sculpture can accent the wall. Many shoreline items such as shells, boats, and nets could also serve as accents in the bedroom. One shelf I have seen is enclosed in the shape or a rowboat standing on end. With this cute shelf, you can set lighthouse shaped candles and other trinkets out to help carry the theme. A fishing net would fit the theme as it is draped above the bed.

If you want to share your passion over lighthouses with your guests, the living room can display unique lighthouse decor. You can place items that you have collected on the occasional tables in the room. A large sofa painting could balance the room with a beautiful shoreline scene. You don’t have to limit yourself to the traditional decorations, either. A lighthouse-shaped floor lamp would be a great addition. You could even find an old wooden pilot’s wheel and place glass in the center to create a unique coffee table.

Your lighthouse decor does not have to stay inside. Of course, the paintings won’t hold up, but you can add lighthouse yard decorations to your flower garden or walkway. Birdhouses and fountains in the shape of lighthouses will bring your theme outside for all to see. You could create a potted plant garden in an old rowboat or recreate a rocky shoreline with a rock garden. Whichever form of lighthouse decor you choose, you can find many items to help you share your love of lighthouses with others.

How Remodeling Can Bring Value to Your Home

There are several ways you can increase the value of your home, but perhaps the most effective way to do so is to remodel it. You should consider home remodeling in Phoenix to update the appearance of your home. You will also enjoy the benefits if you are thinking about selling as a remodel that is done well will attract an array of buyers.

Before you consider a remodel, it is important to select a remodel and home-building expert that has experience in the field; doing so will take the stress off of your shoulders as they walk you through the process. Some builders will offer their customers a satisfaction guarantee on their work and warranty it as well. These are important things to remember when looking for a builder, so don’t forget to ask a lot of questions.

A good builder will be there for you throughout the entire remodel process. The following are steps you can expect throughout the journey.

On-Site Consultation

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for in your remodel or would like some expert insight, participating in an initial meeting will help get everything in order.

Your consultation will begin as an assessment which will allow for you and your builder to get on the same page. You can express your needs and desires for your remodel and what you are hoping to get out of the process. At this time you will let your builder know your budget to let them know what you are working with and how they can get the most for each dollar you have to spend.

The Process

As you and your builder begin to map out your design plan, you will be able to see how the process will proceed. You will be given a timeline for your remodel and given expectations for each step that will occur. Throughout the process, you can make changes, but it is important to note that in doing so your timeline may be adjusted accordingly and you may experience a later date than you had originally anticipated.

During the design and building process, you will select colors, finishes, and additions that you would like. If you are looking to update your home to create a place of comfort for you and your family, make sure to choose things that you all will enjoy to create a home atmosphere that is pleasing to everyone.

If you are remodeling to sell, selecting options that are less specific to one taste will help to make your home appealing to a wider range of potential buyers and make it more marketable in general.

The Final Product

The process you will go through with your builder will ultimately lead you to a finished product that you can enjoy and be proud of. Whether you are adding on to your home, finishing a basement, or simply making updates throughout to bring the home up to date with current trends, you will enjoy your remodel more when you work closely with your builder to make sure that everything is coming along as you had imagined.

If you are looking for an alternative to moving, especially if you love your home and location, you should consider the option for home remodeling in Phoenix as a great way to bring value to your home for your own personal use or for a potential sale in the future. And remember, when selecting a builder for your remodel, select one that has proven success in the field and can provide you with a satisfaction guarantee to assure that you love your newly improved home.

Bathrooms: a vineyard view from Cloudy Bay’s guest quarters

Bathing by the bay.

This Marlborough bathroom makes the most of the view from Cloudy Bay vineyard’s guest quarters; it also takes care to emphasise the landscape, which, in addition to being beautifully serene, is intrinsic to the vineyard’s brand and wine label. The colour palette and textures used in each of the four guest suites reflects a unique element of the surroundings: Cloud, Mountain, River and Cape.

Cloudy Bay: Paul Rolfe. Photograph by Paul McCredie

HOME You had a clear aim to connec­t the building as a whole with the vineyard outside. How did you achieve this in the bathrooms?
Paul Rolfe, Paul Rolfe Architects The building has been designed to funnel in the view of the landscape as much as possible, as the view is very closely linked to Cloudy Bay vineyard’s brand and wine label. We wanted to continue this connection to the landscape and view in the bathrooms by having a full-height window.

HOME How did you choose the materials?
Paul Rolfe For each of the four guest suites we looked at using elements of the view – Cloud, Mountain, River and Cape – to inform the colours and textures we used. The ensuite featuring here is part of the Cloud Suite, so soft, off-white porcelain tiles and a matching textured feature-wall tile were used.

HOME What do you think makes a good bathroom?
Paul Rolfe A good bathroom should be comfortable when you’re naked. Lots of natural light and the play of light on surfaces and with water can make a bathroom a very satisfying and relaxing place to be.

Design details

Plumbing Michael Jones Plumbing.
Wall and floor tiles ‘HER 121’ super white matt 600 x 300 from Heritage Tiles.
Textured wall tiles ‘HER 132’ diamond 600 x 300 from Heritage Tiles.
Bath ‘Rosetta’ from Ibath.
Basin ‘Dial’ from Robertson.
Tapware ‘Minimalist’ from Methven.
Toilet ‘Dial’ from Robertson.
Lighting ‘Lorient’ from Lighthouse.

Small Apartment Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Small Apartment Kitchen Remodeling Ideas is one of the most favorite kinds of things for a people. It is a hd Desktop backgrounds that most kids like to watch on the TV program. As we all know, there are many things that you can buy for your daughter related to the Small Apartment Kitchen Remodeling Ideas. One of them is to have the Small Apartment Kitchen Remodeling Ideas image for your daughter. As we all know, there are many kind of options that you can do in order to make yourself learn about something without letting them understand about the situation that they play games but also learn at the same times. That is because the natural kids at the first step on leaning is to play and learn which means they play but they also learn something.

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Several design categories SMALL APARTMENTS you can find here such asSmall Apartment Kitchen Remodeling Ideas, a SMALL APARTMENTS for Small Apartment Kitchen Remodeling Ideas and etc.

Stylish Designs for Kitchen Remodeling

When you think about remodeling your kitchen design, you need to consider some important tips. Choose the kitchen remodeling design that matches with the rest of your house’s design. If you can’t do this remodeling alone then, you should use a help of an expert person to get the right design you want. Choosing good materials will cost you more money now but will save you more and more money later, as you won’t need many fixes in the future unlike the cheap materials.

Now let’s start our kitchen remodeling. Starting with the cabinet, there are many options to choose from. If your kitchen cabinet became sleazy, you will need to replace the entire cabinet with a new one with elegant style and higher quality. But if your cabinet is in good condition, you can change the paint only.

When you choose your new countertop, you will find variety of materials like glass, stone, marble and granite. Stone countertop is the most usable kind. Stone countertop fits any kitchen remodeling design; just make sure to make the countertop color matches the cabinet color.
You can add a backsplash to your kitchen when you remodel it. Backsplash will change the entire design look and it will protect your kitchen walls from sticky food stains. Backslash comes with many materials to choose from like, ceramic tiles, mosaic tiles, metal, and wood. Choose the backsplash with the color and the material that fits your needs and your kitchen design.

Changing the cupboard is an important part of kitchen remodeling. You can choose from many designs like plain, opened cupboards or cupboards with glass window. Try to choose simple cupboard content like dishes with simple drawings or classy glasses. Stain steel is the common choice for the kitchen sink and faucet. You can add a garbage disposal to your sink if you don’t have one as an advanced option when you remodel your kitchen.

If you have a kitchen island or a breakfast table chairs and you need to add some changes, try to change the chairs’ materials or cushion. You can use wooden chairs instead of metal and vice versa. You can also change the cushion colors or fabrics according to your kitchen remodeling design.

When you remodel your kitchen you will find many lighting options. You can put a pendant directly above your kitchen island, hang recessed lights in the ceiling and put under cabinet lighting.

Stylish Designs for Kitchen Remodeling